-The Mission-

Ever since the beginning of this year, I’ve been haunted by a memory. It something that I thought I had long forgotten about, but recently it returned to me in frequency and detail. The more I turn this memory over in my head, the more I see it as a perfect starting point, even a mission statement, for this website.

The year was 2005. I was part of a Wednesday night drama club which was an outreach ministry at my church. We performed various skits sometimes for our youth group or sometimes before Sunday morning services. The skits were SUPER corny! They would mainly be parodies of well-established movies or stories (like the Wizard of Oz or Star Wars) only we would insert Jesus into them. So while they were definitely You Tube worthy, they most likely landed short of their mission to reach people for God.

However, among all of these silly little productions was this one skit that stood out from all the others due to its unusually dark undertone. It carried a message which was at the time, beyond my comprehension. The play goes like this-

The lights come on to reveal two young women standing on the right and left of the stage respectively. Let’s call the one on the left Addy and the one on the right Grace just to keep track of them. They are both frozen with expressions on their face as if they had just walked into a wall. Their hands are stuck outwards as if to trying to stop something from smacking into them. They remain like this for a few moments and then eventually relax. They glance around confused.

They ask each other things like “what just happened?” and “are you okay?”. They seem at first to have no memory of how they ended up in this strange place, but eventually they begin to string together little pieces. They recall being out shopping and driving out of the mall parking lot. The last thing they both can remember seeing is the grill of a semi-truck speeding towards them. That’s when they begin to realize that they are both dead, killed in a car accident. But yet, they are somehow not dead.

So as the scene unfolds, two additional characters (very stereotypical in their appearance) enter on opposite ends of the stage. One is a winged character dressed in white with a halo (held up by a metal hanger) and the other is a character all dressed in black with a pitch fork and red face paint.  Clearly a depiction of an angel and a devil. The angel approaches Grace and takes her by the hand and attempts to lead her off the stage. Grace initially begins to follow when her Addy interrupts her and asks what is happening. Grace explains that the angel is escorting her to Heaven, to which Addy replies- “great, let’s go!”. Addy attempts to follow Grace but seems to walk into an invisible barrier. The angel character softly shakes their head as if to say “no” and the devil character roughly seizes Addy’s arm and begins to drag her in the opposite direction. She screams and begins to fight with the devil character but cannot seem to break free of him. Slowly but surely, the devil keeps dragging Addy off the stage. Addy says all sorts of panic ridden things like- “what’s happening?”, “I don’t want to go with you!”, “let me go!” Grace, unable to cross the barrier to help her friend, explains to Addy that on Earth, she was a Christian and that’s why she’s going to Heaven now. Addy (who’s being overpowered by the devil character) asks Grace why she never told her about all of this. They had been friends for years, why had Grace never mentioned that there was a whole world that existed after death filled with angels and devils, Heaven and Hell?!

And the haunting line that she says in this moment is “If you knew, why didn’t you tell me?!”

Grace then proceeds to say something like- “Well I didn’t want to offend you with my beliefs, I didn’t want you to think I was weird, I didn’t want to lose your friendship”. These are all things she’s saying as Addy is being dragged off to Hell. The play ends with Addy screaming “Why didn’t you tell me?”

And that line “Why didn’t you tell me?” that’s the part of all of this that’s been haunting me unrelentingly. I began to think about the friends I have who (as far as I know) don’t really believe in anything outside of the natural world. Or perhaps they do believe that there is something out there, but they haven’t given much thought as to what that would be or how it would impact them.

So, I’ve been turning that phrase over in my mind “why didn’t you tell me?” and I’ve become determined that I need to do something about it. I can’t really say I love people or I care about people if I don’t tell them the most important thing I know. Because I do know something.

King Seekers Online is intended to be a platform for many different projects which all share a similar goal- to tell people. I feel in my heart that humanity is quickly running out of time. The Bible speaks of an end of the world, and it’s my belief that we are speeding closer and closer to this end, daily. I think of this girl, Grace, in the story above and I know that I don’t want to be like her. I’d rather offend someone or be seen as weird than witness them being damned for eternity because I didn’t open my mouth. There are too many “Graces” in this world and humanity can’t afford that.

Right now, I’m working on a series titled “The Bible Unpacked” which will present the entire Bible, but in an easy to read and engaging format. In addition, my “Monsters Walk Among Us” series of books will be available to read online for free as well. Much more content for this website is planned and I look forward to what it will become. Feel free to contact me anytime!


Jeremiah Ryan

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