The Bible Unpacked- Episode 1- Before the Beginning

On a cool evening long ago, far above the shimmering stars of the recently birthed Milky Way Galaxy, there was turmoil in the paradise realm of Heaven. The glorious golden city which rested on foundations of precious stones on top of Mt Zion was now filled with the sound of swords clashing and cries of war. A revolution a thousand years in the making had finally come to fruition as a young guardian cherub named Lucifer led a fire siege on the Holy palace of the King of the Universe. 

                The cherub, Lucifer, wasn’t alone in his quest for the throne of the Almighty. He had spent centuries preparing for this very moment. Ever since Lucifer had first seen himself reflecting on the still waters of the glass sea of Heaven, he knew he was destined to be more than a mere servant. He was beautiful, more beautiful than anything else that Heaven had to offer. He was also the wisest among the cherubs and his perfect form contained an explosion of power, far exceeding his peers. Lucifer was different than the others. He was faster, stronger, better. But despite his clear advantages, Lucifer was placed among the others as if there wasn’t anything extraordinary about him at all. Lucifer was called the Son of the Morning by his Creator, a title that he grew to despise. “I’m not your son” Lucifer would whisper in his heart upon being addressed in this way. “I’m your equal.” Eventually, Lucifer began to envision himself as even more than that. “I’m your better” he would mumble underneath his breath.

Lucifer had spent decades walking among the fiery stones of Heaven contemplating how he might establish himself in his rightful role as benevolent god and ruler. The stones which burn eternally in Heaven with the wrath of the Almighty, became a sanctuary to Lucifer and provided him with further justification for his cause. They were harmless to him as he had done no wrong, in fact, he could pluck any one of them up and hold it in his palm. The scarlet fire would dance around Lucifer’s ivory skin seeking to consume him, but would harmlessly retreat back into the stone as no wrong doing could be found within him.

                After much thought. Lucifer came to the understanding that he must first build himself a mighty legion of the King’s finest warriors. Lucifer was no fool; he knew how powerful Heaven’s army was (or theoretically could be, as they had never truly faced a foe). But Lucifer also knew that The King limited his warriors from tapping into the dark or forbidden arts for added strength. In fact, Lucifer had determined that the King’s Angels only ever used a mere third of their power. God had been clear on the day that He had created them; no unusual manifestations, no drawing on stars or the Earth or any unholy source for power, and no killing.

                A wicked laugh echoed inside of Lucifer’s dark heart as he pondered this. He would certainly exploit this weakness to his advantage. There were other angels who already felt a great deal of frustrations with the limits that had been placed upon them.  Many of the more battle-driven ones grew tired of simply swinging their swords around for fun in the training yards and often looked anxiously towards the red skies of Earth, desiring to let the power which exploded with the force of a thousand volcanoes within them, loose.

                These Angels yearned to see how fast they could fly, how many boulders they could lift at once, or perhaps if they could manifest into a leviathan such as the ones which crept upon the cool soil of the Earth.

                Once he had settled himself upon a plan, Lucifer had first appeared as a soft whisper in the dark. A stirring that came in the dead hours of the night, when deep sleep falls upon men.

                “Did God really say that you must not fly across the Earth, or stir the western winds just for fun? Would He even notice if you walked a upon the surface of the deep oceans or called down lightning strikes upon the great salt flats?”  Lucifer would ask questions such as these as he polished his sword alongside his comrades in the cool of the evenings. Upon asking pressing questions, Lucifer was quickly able to realize who was confident in their faith in God and who was raw meat for seduction. The angels who stumbled in their replies became his target audience.

                Sometime later, angels would hang about in the taverns and squares of Heaven, far away from the palace of the King and listen to Lucifer speak. Lucifer initially praised God for His might and creation, but then would sprinkle in a healthy portion of criticism to the rules and laws that God asked that His angels follow.

                As the endless years marched on, more and more angels began to take Lucifer’s ideals to heart. As his popularity grew, Lucifer developed his followers into a faction known as “The Angels of the Dragon”. Their ideology was simple; Heaven would never truly be a paradise as long as God sat on the throne. Under God, there were rules, responsibilities, and chains. Under the rule of the Dragon, there would be freedom to indulge in in all of the pleasures that one’s heart desired. That was the true definition of paradise and furthermore, the angels would truly be free, not slaves to some deity who sits on a golden throne and claims to be all-powerful. What an empty claim to make when His power had never been challenged! Lucifer aimed to change that. And so, this is how it was that the Dragon swiped his tail and a third of the stars, the Holy angels of God, fell from grace, and joined the Dragon in his inglorious crusade to the capital.

Lucifer ducked a decapitating swipe and plunged his sword into the heart of the arc angel he was fighting with. He knew this one well. His name was Arrod. Centuries ago, Lucifer has asked Arrod if God has really said not to look into the stars to see the future. Arrod had promptly and confidently assured Lucifer that this was so. Arrod’s “blind” faith had been repulsive to Lucifer so he had run out into the night to find other hearts to corrupt.

                Now Arrod, an immortal angelic being, lay crumpled in a heap on the steps of the palace, bleeding and dying. Lucifer smirked softly to himself at this sight. He had warned the angels that this is where their dogmatic morals would get them. There would be no place for such closed-minded fools in his new kingdom. It would be best to gut them all.

                Lucifer held out his empty palm and with a flash of fire drawn from the pit, a forbidden place of great darkness which slept in the heart of the Earth, a second cruel sword appeared in his hand. With a scream that echoed about the galaxy, Lucifer dove back into the fray, slicing, cutting, and killing. Lucifer laughed at the ease in which he overwhelmed some of the King’s finest warriors. “What an absolute joke!” he screamed as he snapped the neck of an arc angel who had been fool enough to rush him. “Is this what God calls power?” he cried as he tossed the corpse of the arc angel in the direction of the palace gates.

                Although the Angels of the Dragon were outnumbered at two-to-one odds, they had plowed straight through Heaven’s mightiest defenses in less than an hour. Lucifer had started this battle knowing that the numbers were not on his side. However, he also knew that God’s would only play by the rules and he would use that tactical error to his advantage.

                Lucifer leapt in the cold air and transformed into a mighty leviathan crashing down onto a group of angels and crushing them underneath his immense weight, He could feel their bones cracking like gravel beneath his feet.  Manifestations of this caliper were strictly forbidden by God. Angles were encouraged to manifest as birds of the air of perhaps woodland creatures so that they could keep a watchful eye on mankind from a peaceful distance. Lucifer had pitched the idea of using their manifestation ability offensively to God centuries ago, but God had promptly rebuked any such thing.

                Drawing fire from the heart of the Earth below, Lucifer filled his lungs and unleashed a scorching attack on the remaining angels who stood between him and the palace gates, consuming them in a raging inferno. He then shifted back into his original form and summoned his fiery swords once more. The Angels of the Dragon also de-manifested and took on their angelic forms once more. During the battle, they had shifted into massive lion-like creatures, or serpents or anything that would give them the upper hand against their foes. While the King’s Angels may have been formidable opponents even with their limited power, they had only ever trained in sword combat with one another and were not familiar with hand-to-hand combat with massive beasts. For the first time since the fighting began, Heaven fell silent. The Dragon and all of his followers stood among a pile of bodies and gore, covered in the blood of the blameless and innocent. Anxiety pumped through their dark hearts. Only one kill remained.

                Drawing confidence from determination, Lucifer advanced upon the palace gates shouting “Long live the Angels of the Dragon!” and “Hail to the Beasts!”. His followers joined him shouting and raising their blood-covered blades, echoing the cries of their leader and shouting blasphemous remarks towards the God they had come to kill.

                Suddenly the palace gates flew open blasting a mighty gale force towards the Dragon Angels knocking many of them off their feet. Lucifer quickly stabbed the street, sinking his sword deep into the golden brick in order to steady himself.

                A bright light emerged from behind the gust. It was pure, hot, and white. While all of the Angels of the Dragon were very accustomed to bright light due to residing on Mount Zion, this light, although familiar, felt much different. It wasn’t warm, comforting, or loving as it had been for the last thousand years in which they had known it. In fact, it burned them.

                Still gripping his sword, Lucifer moved his free hand to cover his eyes and shield himself from the harsh blaze as the sound of his angels screaming in pain filled his ears. Through his fingers, Lucifer could see something in the center of the light. A figure. Fear gripped Lucifer’s stomach. He knew this man.

                Fear was a foreign feeling to the Angels of the Dragon. They knew of fear and understood its concepts, but the appearance of the figure in the light marked the first time that they had truly felt fear. The mighty angels who moments ago and been bursting with confidence after decimating the King’s army of their former comrades, suddenly found themselves shuddering uncontrollably. They dropped their gore-covered swords and seized their arms, falling one by one to the golden street.

                Lucifer dropped to his knees, cursing in the Name of the Almighty as he hit the pavement. Hatred burned in his heart as he saw the blazing figure approaching him. His sword lay mere inches away from his fingers but yet somehow, he could not find the strength to reach for it. Lucifer’s entire body combusted and he screamed in agony as white flames engulfed him.

                All of his beauty, the very beauty that had caused him to begin this conquest for the throne burned away in that white fire. The Holy fire cleansed him of the facade of a glorious cherub and revealed his heart’s true form; a hideous monster. The fire raged down his throat and exploded out his eyes burning away the sapphire color which the King had gifted him and transforming it to a cruel crimson. His skin lost all color, now appearing as gray as ash. The velvet-like feathers of Lucifer’s wings twisted into scales as a beast of the oceans might have and as the white fire burst from his finger-tips his very bones were dragged out of his hands with it, transforming into cruel iron-like claws.

                “And you will come to a horrible end…”

                That voice was the last thing Lucifer, the guardian cherub, the Son of the Morning, ever heard. He knew that voice well for it had also been the first thing he had ever heard. On the day that he was created it was this same voice, a voice like the sound of rushing waters, that had awoken him out of darkness and into existence. That day projected itself before Lucifer now. He saw the warm smile that his Creator had greeted him with as he awoke. He recalled that first summer day where he had walked side by side with the King of the Universe as he was shown all of the precious stones and golden mountings that had been prepared for him. He remembered the feeling of the King’s hand resting upon his shoulder. That feeling…. Love. It was in Lucifer’s dying moment that he remembered that warm feeling that had long grown so cold within him. Love. The King loved Lucifer and Lucifer had betrayed the King.

                The King, the white light, all of the restored angels and all of the glory of Heaven began to blur away. To Lucifer, it appeared as if he was sinking underwater looking up at the world above as it fades away into rippling darkness.

                He was falling, falling, falling. Heaven was gone and there was nothing but blackness and stars. It was freezing cold and blazing hot at the same time. Lucifer’s now naked and scaly body became covered in ice and lit on fire all at once as he hurled into Earth’s atmosphere. He was screaming and thrashing. Not yet accustomed to having claws Lucifer accidentally slashed himself repeatedly cutting deep into his ash-like skin. Thick black blood with the consistency of tar, poured from his wounds and froze on his body, stabbing him like knives.

                Suddenly Lucifer slammed into something even more painful than the fire. It felt solid, ice cold, and heavy. It was then that he realized that his lightning-like fall was slowing. The heavy matter became colder and darker the further he descended into it. Frigid salt water filled his lungs causing them to burst within his chest sending a fresh wave of pain pulsing through him.

                “I’m in an ocean!” Lucifer’s mind screamed. “I’m in Earth’s ocean!”

                Reaching for his power to save himself, Lucifer realized, to his horror, that it was no longer there. He struggled helplessly against the weight of the sea to no avail. Running out of strength, Lucifer slipped out of conciseness and into oblivion.

Based upon Ezekiel 28: 11-19

The Bible Unpacked

Copyright © 2021 by Jeremiah Ryan

All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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