The Bible Unpacked- Episode 2- King Fall

Piercing blue and yellow light forced its way between Lucifer’s eye lids. His ears were assaulted with the sounds of seagulls and the roar of the ocean. He rolled onto his side and his burned face splatted into pasty, wet, sand. He had washed up onto a beach on the paradise organic world that God had created.

                This was hardly Lucifer’s first trip to Earth. He was intimately familiar with this place and in his former life, he had liked it very much. There was a certain innocence about Earth that Heaven sorely lacked- the knowledge of good and evil. After God had finished creating this little blue and green planet, He had called it good, and it was good. Purely and truly good. Unlike the angels, God had not gifted His humans the inherent knowledge of the existence of evil. He had instead chosen to make them blameless and pure in all of their ways and craft them in His own Holy image. Although originally awed by the human race, centuries later, Lucifer had used them as a talking point for one of his many “anti-God” fireside chats as he worked to turn the hearts of the angels away from their creator.

                Lucifer believed the humans to have an unfair advantage over celestial beings due to their dumb innocence. He had felt the reason that The King so cherished them and considered them most beautiful among all of his created things, was because they were mindless and incapable of any wrongdoing.

                Lucifer forced his legs to move. His muscles which once were capable of uprooting trees and hurling boulders as if they were pebbles, now were weak and shaky. He staggered miserably. Never in a thousand years had he felt even a flicker of weakness. Now weakness was all he felt. The dry sand proved even harder to walk upon than the wet sand had been.

                Reaching a thicket up the beach, Lucifer collapsed miserably but was relieved to be out of the harsh glare of the sun. The sun, which Lucifer had stared at from the heights of Mount Zion now seemed to pierce his skin causing him pain. After the murderous yellow star finally set, Lucifer closed his weary eyes. He saw angels and Dragon Angels battling at the gates of a golden palace. He saw a white light.

                There was a word that kept repeating itself over and over in his head throughout all of his recollections of the events that had landed him on this miserable beach.


It was there hiding in the shadows as if a ghost, whispering to him throughout his memories.


                Lucifer imagined himself on the first day that he looked into the crystal sea and saw his beauty reflected in the clear waters. Only this time, to his horror, instead of a flawless cherub, a beast looked back up at him! Its skin was like ash and its eyes glowed red with hatred of the One who had created all of this.

                “Satan!” the beast in the crystal sea shouted.

                Lucifer awoke in a panic. His charred body was covered in beads of blood-like sweat. “That was me” he whispered to himself “Rather, that is me! I am the beast! I am Satan!”

                When those words left his lips, his bones began to snap within his body. The former guardian cherub screamed in pain (something that he had been doing a lot of in the last day) as his body twisted and tore itself apart. He transformed as he had done earlier in battle although this transfiguration was not of his control. His eyes grew an even deeper shade of crimson, his arms sprouted red shiny scales, like those on his wings. The bones in his feet burst out from his skin and melded themselves together into massive hooves. 

                The monster who had fallen like lighting from the sky, crawled from the thicket to the sea and looked at his reflection in the moonlit water as he had done in paradise, one thousand years ago. The beast from his dream looked back at him. The monster threw his massive head back and laughed wickedly to himself.

“Fine. Have it your way! You want me to be the villain? I’ll be an abomination on your perfect world!” the red beast snarled at the stars. “I know you’re watching!” he screamed. “Answer me!” But the night was still and silent.

                Years passed and the beast reunited his fallen angels from all over the face of the Earth and they rallied together under a new banner- The Kingdom of the Devil, and they set up their long-desired dominion on the Earth. One day, after his army had regained all of its strength, Satan, the fallen leader of a failed revolution, struck back at the Shining One who had cast him from the Heavens and cursed him to be the monster that he now was.

                The Devil journeyed to Eden in the East where he had walked many times in the cool of the evening with the King and the residents of this place a lifetime ago. This region had been set aside for the children of God to live in and enjoy all the bounties that the Earth had to offer. This was the personal garden of God Himself.

                A singular word burned red in the Devil’s mind like Hellfire. Revenge. The Devil would have his revenge. The Shining One had taken his throne from him and now the Devil would take the Shining One’s children as restitution. The Devil would make the children of God like himself. And in doing this he would curse them to the same fate that he himself now suffered. Separation, damnation, and misery. And there would be no saving them. And on that day, terror came on all of the Earth and the sea for the Devil had come in great anger, knowing that his time was short.

Based upon Ezekiel 28: 11-19

The Bible Unpacked

Copyright © 2021 by Jeremiah Ryan

All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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