The Bible Unpacked- Episode 3- The Dawning

“Love is our endgame and let everything that precedes the coming of man be done out of love, in love, and for love. This is why we will create something out of nothing, light out of darkness and life out of death.”

                In a deep, dead, and silent darkness, a light emerged. Its white radiance was reflected on the motionless water of the surface of the deep as it descended slowly from above. The place that held the still black sea was formless and empty. The sea had no shape, the water no life, and the blackness no governor. It had always been like this.

                The white light reached the black liquid and descended no further. It stopped above the surface and hovered there. No sound was heard, not from the formless matter nor the white light.  Nothing moved, nothing changed and nothing happened, until the first words to ever be spoken broke the infinite silence.

                “Let there be light!” a voice called. In an instant the white light exploded crawling across the surface of the mass-less liquid, stretching out as far as the eye could see. Once the surface of the deep was covered, the white light rose upwards at a tremendous speed consuming the black nothingness that had hung there for so long.

                “The light is like us. The light it good. Let us separate the light from this darkness. Forever more the light and darkness will be separate, never occupying the same space as each other. Let the light be called “day” and the darkness be called “night”.

That beautiful pure white light shown over the surface of the black sea in its rightful place as day for many hours before retreating into the Heavens to make way for the darkness to have its place as night. In this way, the two opposite forces worked in tandem with one another as instructed to by the first voice. And so, there was evening and morning, the first day.

                “Let us make a great expanse between the waters of Heaven and the waters of Earth. Let us fill the expanse with colors as a blank canvas always changing to reflect our glory for everything beneath the expanse to behold. Let us call this expanse “sky”.

                And so it was. And evening passed and morning came marking the second day.

                “Let the waters of the Earth be gathered into one place so that dry earth, devoid of water, may appear. It will be on this soil, this land, that our children will live. The waters which once covered this dead world will still have a home here. Let this designated place be called “Sea”. Let us shut the Sea up behind doors, let us tell it “this is how far you may come and no farther. Here is where your proud waves halt.”

                And so, the waters receded and formed together in the places in which the voice from the light commanded them to. Moist soil emerged in the places left vacant by the sea. The voice spoke again.

                “Let this land sprout with vegetation-every sort of seed-bearing plant and trees which grow seed-bearing fruit. These seeds will contain life within them and be able to reproduce the kinds of plants and trees from which they came.”

And so it was. Greenery sprouted from the cool earth and stretched its way to the skies. Some of these stalks widened and hardened into a dense pulp and new stalks burst forth from this pulp, branching out towards the sky in any way that it chose. As these plants widened and grew, their outer layer produced a dry hard outer shelling for protection and the ends of the branches sprouted colored leaves. Colorful blooms burst forth from other plants which covered the land and produced a sweet-smelling fragrance which the newly created winds carried across the surface of this budding world.

When the voice within the light saw the lush green fields and tall majestic forests, it called them good. And evening passed and morning came, marking the third day.

“Let us create lights to appear in the skies to separate the day from the night. Let these lights be signs to mark seasons, days, and years for all the future inhabitants of this world. Let these lights in the skies shine down upon the Earth.”

And so it was. The blackness that hung above for so long became dotted with silvery lights which shone from their appointed places thousands of miles from the green jungles and deep oceans of Earth. They cast a peaceful and restful light upon the great deserts and lofty mountains. Among the lights which the voice had called into existence were two great lights which had been created as governors of the day and night cycle. The greater one was a fiery hot star, humongous in size, which blazed away an untold distance from the Earth. Its yellow heat warmed the soils and the greenery providing it nutrients and sustaining its life. As the day reached its end, the great light snuggled to its resting place in the western horizon, leaving brilliant orange and red colors behind. The lesser light rose and watched over the sleeping world peacefully. And evening passed and morning came, marking the fourth day.

The voice spoke once more. “Let these waters swarm with fish and other aquatic life. Let the skies be filled with birds of every kind and let their singing fill the summer air!”

And it was so. A color storm of fish burst forth from the springs in the deep ocean, their varieties and numbers as uncountable as grains of sand on Earth’s vast shores. Coral reef sprouted and grew in its various kinds, filling the ocean floors with color and majesty. The glassy yellow eyes of sea monsters peered from caves and trenches in the dark parts of the ocean out of the reach of the sun’s warm rays.

On the surface, the cloudy skies became filled with flapping of wings as hundreds of millions of different types of birds all were learning to fly at the same time.  The trees became homes for these winged creatures and no longer would silence reign supreme on Earth. And evening passed and morning came, marking the fifth day.

The voice from the light spoke once more. “Let the Earth produce every kind of living creature each with the ability to reproduce offspring of its same kind- livestock, small and large animals, and wild beasts of the fields and forests!” And it was so. On the great hills of Earth, sheep and cattle tore up mouthfuls of delicious grass and chewed it between their teeth. Goats explored the rocky mountainous regions and snakes and lizards searched the desert sands for rocks under which to make a home. In the forests, wolves howled as they formed their packs and deer leapt through the greenery in search of creeks and brooks.

“It is good” the voice said. “Now, it is time.”  The white light which had not moved from the place that is had descended to in the beginning, began to shrink. It wrapped itself up and took on a form upon the green grass of Earth. This form was unlike anything that had been seen so far. It was a creature to be certain, but definitely not like the beast of the Earth which had preceded it. It had hair only on top of its head, brown, like the skin of the trees around it. The white light swirled around this creature forming robes which clothed it. Hands, devoid of any fur, reached out from those robes. Soft gentle hands.

“I Am He” the voice said although this time it was clear that it was coming from the mouth of the creature from the light. “I Am the Creator of this world, I stand here at its beginning, and I will stand here at its end.” When He had said this, the world fell silent, a silence that it had not known since the arrival of the white light. Then something truly spectacular to behold happened. All created things, the light, the darkness, the great expanse, the land, the sea, all of the heavenly lights, and all living creatures, bowed down to Him who spoke this.

Then from beyond the stars in the paradise realm of Heaven, a multitude of voices cried out to the Earth saying “Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come”.

Based upon Genesis 1: 1-24

The Bible Unpacked

Copyright © 2021 by Jeremiah Ryan

All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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