The Bible Unpacked Episode 7- Twilight of Perfection

“Fine. Have it your way! You want me to be the villain? I’ll be an abomination on your perfect world!” the red beast snarled at the stars. “I know you’re watching!” he screamed. “Answer me!” But the night was still and silent.

                Lucifer, once called “Son of the Morning” by the King, now turned hideous beast, slumped miserably in the mud by the side of the moonlit pool on his first night on Earth, far away from the glory of Heaven. While swearing revenge just moments ago had made his feel strong, the weakness of being cut off from the King began to once more overtake him.

                The Shining One, God, is and was the source of all life in the universe. Lucifer begrudgingly recalled the words of the King which stung his mind like hot metal.

“Through him, all things were made and without him, nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life would be the light of all men. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.”

                “The darkness has not overcome it…” Lucifer repeated. “But if I may, allow me to add an idiom to that” the Devil said largely to himself. “The darkness has not overcome it, yet. But darkness is coming. The age of perfection in this fragile little world will be brought to its knees and I will crush the light out these organic life forms that the King loves so much!”

                Lucifer laughed to himself and pressed his scaly red palm deep into the clay. There was a darkness that resided in the center of the King’s perfect world and Lucifer was all too familiar with it. He had called upon it during his battle with the King’s angels and now he reached out to it once more. Why this darkness existed, Lucifer did not know. In theory it would have had to be created along with all of the beauty that was topside, but why would the King make a perfect world where only good reigned supreme, yet while the humans pranced about in their paradise garden, darkness swirled deep in the Earth below their bare feet.

                The power from the heart of the Earth recognized Lucifer’s call. Fire rushed up from the Earth’s burning core, incinerating the rock and dirt in its path. Mere feet away from where the Devil lay on the beach, white hot magma burst forth from the sand, cascading out into the heavens, illuminating all that Lucifer’s eyes could see.

                After the magma splashed its way back down the hole which it had created, Lucifer slid over to the crater, smiling wickedly. Before him was a pit, steaming and hissing angrily. Lava-filled veins snaked up and down its sides illuminating the sheer depth of the chasm. It smelled awful, like burning sulfur or of decay, like death. Reaching out, Lucifer plunged his hand into one of the Lava veins. He screamed in pain and the thick fiery liquid began to eat up the flesh on his fingers, tunneling through skin and muscle, making its way to the bone. Summoning the last bit of will he had left, Lucifer began to absorb the raw power of the Earth into his body. Magma ran down his bones and bubbled from underneath his skin. The pain was beyond unbearable but Lucifer focused his screaming mind on the palace gates of Mount Zion, the white light, and the Man who resided in it. He must have this power; he must have revenge.

                Slowly the pain dissipated and Lucifer began to laugh uncontrollably. He filled his lungs with the Earth’s fire and breathed out releasing a blast which incinerated the trees around him into dust. Lucifer, the leader of the Dragon Angels, stood to his feet. The power that he drew from the Earth was much different that the power of light which came from the King. The light had felt balanced, smooth, and safe. The darkness was the complete opposite. It was raw, unstable, and alive. “This darkness” Lucifer thought “craves subjugation. It craves a master, a wielder!”

                The Devil launched himself into the air and hovered above the pit for a moment, fancying himself as the risen god of this world. He surveyed his green and blue kingdom with hatred in his eyes. “In the end, before my head goes to the grave, this will all burn. This I swear!” he said out loud, his voice crashing throughout the trees.  And with those words, he plunged into the pit, flying straight down at a blinding speed. The smell and heat intensified with every bit further that Lucifer descended, but he didn’t mind them. The horrors of this place only excited him.

                Alighting on a bit of rock which protruded out of a lake of lava, Lucifer surveyed the source of the Earth’s dark power. It was pitch black, only illuminated by the magma and fires which eternally raged here. There were many areas of rock about were the Devil imagined cells being forged out of the hot metals which flowed like water in this place. Shockingly, there was life in this pit as well. Maggots, far larger than those who existed on the surface, perhaps a foot in length, oozed from the cracks in the stone walls and slid across the blazing rocks, unaffected by the heat. They were starving, desperately searching for some flesh to consume.

 “In time”, the Devil thought “I will provide to you the flesh of God’s children. And after I hand deliver them to you, you may feast on them for all of eternity. They will always be devoured in this place but never consumed. I shall name this place Sheol, and this pit shall be the tomb of the living dead!”

Having established a connection with a power that could sustain him in the short term, the Devil reunited his fallen angels from all over the face of the Earth and they rallied together under a new banner- The Kingdom of the Devil, and they set up their long-desired dominion on the Earth. One day, after his army had regained all of its strength, Satan, the fallen leader of a failed revolution, struck back at the Shining One who had cast him from the Heavens and cursed him to be the monster that he now was.

                The Devil journeyed to Eden in the East where he had seen the curious trees a lifetime ago and he had walked many times in the cool of the evening with the King and the residents of this place. This region had been set aside for the children of God to live in and enjoy all the bounties that the Earth had to offer. This was the personal garden of God Himself.

                A singular word burned red in the Devil’s mind like Hellfire. Revenge. The Devil would have his revenge. The Shining One had taken his throne from him and now the Devil would take the Shining One’s children from Him. The Devil would make the children of God like himself. And in doing this he would curse them to the same fate that he himself now suffered. Separation, damnation, and misery. And there would be no saving them. And on that day, terror came on all of the Earth and the sea for the Devil had come in great anger, declaring war on humanity, knowing that his time was short.

Based upon Ezekiel 28: 13-19, John 1:3, and Revelation 12:12

The Bible Unpacked

Copyright © 2021 by Jeremiah Ryan

All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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