The Bible Unpacked Episode 11- Fate of Mankind

Black smoke filled the skies, coating the clouds in inches of heavy soot. Among the celestial chaos, a pale horse stood in the air and on its back sat a being who salivated from dead lips as he overlooked all of God’s green and blue world. This rider was adorned in a black robe which was tied at his waste with a rope dripping with fresh blood. His face was like that of a man, only with no skin and no flesh. Slung over his shoulders he carried a long sickle with a sharpened iron blade.

                As he descended to Earth, the whole planet began to transform. The fruit that had fallen from the trees moments ago began to grow green fungus on them. They split open, spilling out their fleshy innards on the soil. Flowers, which had bloomed fully since the White Light had called them into existence now began to wilt and fade. Plants that were too far away from water began to notice how dry the air was and starting choking. In the savannas, cheetahs, which had been enjoying sprinting endlessly since creation, now tumbled to a stop as they panted for air.

                When the pale horse and its rider touched the Earth, the grass around it withered up, turned brown, and died. The sickle wielding rider looked to the quivering organic life forms in the dust and to the King. He quickly performed a bow while still seated on his mount.

                “Thou hast summoned me, my Lord?” the Rider asked. His voice sound like the final gasps of one who is dying.

                “Mankind has summoned you by eating from the tree which I commanded them not to eat from” The Shining One replied. “And in doing so they have brought death to this world, and you shall be installed as a governor here, always present as a shadow in the close distance counting down the days a man has before you shall swallow up the breath of life which I placed in him.”  God turned to the horsemen “The remaining three of you will stay in this place, guarding the way to the Tree of Life from now until I call upon you once more in the end times. For as you were here in the beginning, so shall you be here in the end.  For in everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the Heaven.

A time to be born,
And a time to die;
A time to kill,
And a time to heal;
A time to break down,
And a time to build up;
A time to weep,
And a time to laugh;
A time to mourn,
And a time to dance;
A time to win,
And a time to lose;
A time to keep silence,
And a time to speak;
A time to love,
And a time to hate;
A time of war,
And a time of peace.

After the King had spoken these things, Adam was shocked to find that both he and his wife had been clothed. Thick animal furs now wrapped around their bodies forming robes and hoods, much like what the King wore.

                “Now go out from this place into the Earth which I have created for you and cultivate the soil for your food.” God commanded. The man and the woman scrambled to their feet and hurried away into the night and into the dark and unknown world outside of their Garden, without their Creator. Eve felt as if she had already died as she watched the Garden, all the animals and trees, her God, and everything she had ever known, fade into the pink horizon.

The Shining One watched as His prized creations ran away from Him cold and scared. His heart was deeply troubled.

“Love is our endgame and let everything that follows the fall of man be done out of love, in love, and for love. This is why we created something out of nothing, light out of darkness and life out of death. And in time, from death, all of humanity will be saved”

With those words, the Creator caught Himself up in the White Light and began to slowly ascend away from the Earth and back to the Heavens where he would remain separate from his beloved.

As the White light faded, the Devil finally shook free of his serpent form and stood shakily on his feet. A thick darkness had overtaken the Earth and a violent storm shook its foundations. Lucifer didn’t feel the wicked satisfaction that he had hoped for after orchestrating the fall of mankind. Searching his heart, he realized that he hadn’t even felt it the first time he had corrupted the King’s creation, His angels, either. The only time when he had felt truly and fully like the destined king that he knew himself to be was when he had stood at the steps of the King’s palace during the seize that he had led with victory within his palm. But in a flash, he had been robbed his Kingship and cursed to live in this dirt world along with all of these mindless animals- these animals which had chosen wrongdoing over the King and yet the King made clear His intentions to pardon them.

“And you will strike at their heels, but they will crush your head!”

Lucifer stabbed his sword into the Earth and screamed in rage at the skies. But the storm passed and the night fell silent and still.

Based upon Genesis 3: 20-24, Revelation 6: 1-7, Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

The Bible Unpacked

Copyright © 2021 by Jeremiah Ryan

All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

*In the Original Text, the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse do not appear until Revelation chapter 6. Instead, God places a Guardian Cherub with a flaming sword to guard the way to the tree of life. The Horsemen appear early in our story, but not in the Bible story.

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