The Bible Unpacked Episode 12- Declaration of War PT 1

Stone goblets that had been hurriedly carved out mere hours ago, smashed together in a celebratory fashion as the fallen angels of Heaven toasted one another on their victory over God (or at least that is how they saw the events of the past few hours). The Demons (a word they had coined during their conversion from Dragon Angels to the Kingdom of the Devil) had gathered on top of a great snow-covered mountain in the Savannah to drink to death of God’s organic paradise and the proper beginning of their rule of Earth. There was music, singing of hymns (which entailed blasphemous remarks about God and praises to their cunning leader who had masterminded this whole plot), and of course drinking and a whole lot of it.

By the time Lucifer reached the Savannah, the festivities were in full swing. Word of the fall of man had reached the demons by scouts who had been near the Garden and witnessed the King cast the man and his wife out into the night and away from His presence.

Lucifer was not in the mood to celebrate. Hatred burned in his heart as he felt robbed of his victory by the words and visions that God had placed into his head. The humans had fallen into sin and this world had plunged into darkness just as the Devil had planned, but The Shining One’s love for them had not ceased, rather it had fiercely persevered and in that moment had promised to provide a pathway to redemption, a pathway back to God. Lucifer cursed the name of the Lord out loud as he hovered above his army, just out of their sight.

“How dare these inferior lifeforms be offered redemption for their sins when I was offered a sword for mine! Can a mortal be innocent before God?
    Can anyone be pure before the Creator?’ If God does not trust His own angels and has charged His messengers with foolishness,how much less will He trust people made of clay!
                They are made of dust, crushed as easily as a moth. They are alive in the morning but dead by evening, gone forever without a trace. And they die in ignorance.”

 Lucifer’s mind spit out these laments as his anger burned. He had fathomed that seeing the pathetic man and his gullible wife wandering aimlessly out into the wilderness would have filled him with satisfaction and maybe even a little joy knowing the pain that this must have caused God. Lucifer felt none of that. Everything was anger. Everything was hatred. All he could think about was that he must cause more ruin, more destruction upon the human race. Merely introducing them to evil would never be enough. He needed to make them drunk with darkness to where every single thought and inclination of the human heart was evil all the time. Lucifer swore to make a great abomination out of mankind. If God was going to attempt to create a pathway to redemption for humans, then Lucifer would be a constant stumbling block on that pathway, always present, always pushing humans in the wrong direction.

A boom, louder than a thunderclap interrupted the mountaintop party. The Devil had alighted, not bothering to channel power to maintain his angelic appearance, Lucifer was once more the hideous red dragon who had been aghast by his own reflection in the moonlit pool all those years ago. His large scaly wings extended outward, their clawed tips shimmering in the firelight. There was shock all around. While his presence had been fully expected here this evening, the demons were picturing their guest of honor in his glorious heavenly body, not that of some leviathan. Most grunt level demons had never even seen Lucifer like this and reached for their swords. All was instantly silent.

Based upon Job 4: 17-21

The Bible Unpacked

Copyright © 2021 by Jeremiah Ryan

All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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