The Bible Unpacked Episode 13- Declaration of War PT 2

“What is this I have stumbled upon, Darius?” the Devil snorted, small spurts of fire protruding from his nostrils. Darius, a prince, and a mighty demonic warrior who had held his own against the Great Michael, the leader of Heaven’s arc angels during the purge, bowed his head in submission to his king.

                “A celebration your majesty, of your great victory over the Shining One!” Darius responded and sheepishly raised his goblet towards the red dragon. Some of the other demons joined in, but no one dared say anything. Death hung in the air.

                “Celebration” the dragon repeated, his tone dry. “Celebrations happen after a war has been won, do they not, Darius?” the dragon continued. The Devil reached out his hand, drawing power from Sheol and funneling it throughout his body. Hellfire burned in his eyes. Most of the demons were taking steps away from the dragon.

                “The war has been won, my king, by you! My scouts watched the humans be driven out into the wild lands and away from God. They have fallen to darkness and out of His presence!” Darius stammered. His free hand rested softly on his sword hilt.

Fire blasted from the mouth of the dragon and consumed Darius. The demonic angel had managed to get his shield partially raised before the blast hit him, deflecting some of its rage into the crowd of demons who scurried, slamming into one another, spilling wine, and screaming.

                Darius’s screams echoed around the mountain top as the fire seared his flesh. When the dragon let up, the demon lay in a miserable heap. The hellfire had been so hot that it had turned the rocky mountaintop as smooth as glass. Darius moaned miserably. The fires of Sheol were a special blend, unlike the fires of Earth. This fire was much hotter, like the heat of an exploding star, and could incinerate anything in its path. Anything that is besides a body that was handcrafted by the King. It could burn a body but it lacked the ability to consume or to take life. It was a fire seemingly forged purely for torture.

The Devil shifted out of his dragon form and back into that of Lucifer, the fallen one. His sword appeared in his hand with a flash of black smoke as he strode over to his quivering prince. Darius had no intention of being executed without a fight. Though his skin was still liquid from the fire, he summoned the last of his might and drew his sword. Lucifer snickered at this and swatted the blade off the side of the mountain with a single stroke. He reached down and grasped Darius around the throat, lifting him high up in the air with a single hand.

                “The true war upon us was declared today, you fool! But you were too busy drinking in your ignorance to hear it!” Lucifer hissed. With that, he plunged his venom laced blade through Darius heart, killing him instantly. “May your spirit rot in the pit until judgment day!” Lucifer finished and tossed Darius’s body off the mountainside.

                “I received a declaration of war from the Shining One of Heaven!” Lucifer screamed and rotated in a circle; his sword still raised. “While it is true that I did succeed in leading humanity into darkness, thus damning them and al of their descendants to an existence separated from God, The Shining One invaded my mind and showed me things to come. Dark things.” Lucifer paused and looked to the stars while his audience of uncountable numbers held their breath (and many held their swords).

                “The Lord intends to fully reconcile the human race and restore them to holiness as they were…” Lucifer said his tone dead. Sounds of confusion erupted on the mountainside, some mild cursing and blaspheming was heard, but most demons kept their voices down not wanting to arose their king’s anger once more.

                “We were offered no such grace, my angels! After we fell, the Lord never spoke another word to us! He cast us away from His presence and never once looked back! While the Lord was so fast to discard His mighty angelic warriors, capable of turning mountains on their heads, He intends to make a peace offering with the people whom he formed out of dust!” More cursing was heard from the multitude.

                “No pathway to redemption for the humans exists as of yet.” Lucifer continued. “We must change the Lord’s mind on this matter. We will go to the humans and be near them all of their days. We will be as whispers caried on the winds and as shadows lurking in the night. We will be ever present always as a voice in their minds encouraging them to carry out the desires of their dark hearts.”

Cheering and war cries exploded out of the crowd. Sword were drawn and shook angrily at the heavens as all kinds of obscenities poured from the mouths of the fallen angels. A small smile crept up Lucifer’s face, but he forced it away instantly. He raised his sword and all fell silent once more.

                “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit” the Devil finished. “Now go my warriors, go to the humans, bring death and darkness and expose them as the great abomination that they are!”

Shouts and cries filled the night sky once more as it darkened with demons flying out towards Eden in the east like a great swarm of gnats. Once he was alone, the Devil slumped down onto a rock and exhaled deeply. He hadn’t recovered fully from being so close to the white light.

                “Death” the Devil muttered picturing the organic lifeforms which he so despised. “You will surely die. You will all surely die! For the wages of sin is death! And if I have to be the enforcer of this, so be it!”

Based upon Job 4: 17-21 and Proverbs 18:21

The Bible Unpacked

Copyright © 2021 by Jeremiah Ryan

All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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