The Bible Unpacked Episode 14- A World Gone Wrong

Thunder pounded throughout the skies vibrating down throughout the cypress wood vessel that tossed about on an infinite sea. Water poured from the Heavens relentlessly in mighty torrents as it had for the past two weeks. Mila, a young woman, stroked the main of a large horse she was feeding grain, running her fingers though his silky hair. Growing up east of Eden, she had never seen water fall from the skies and she didn’t much care for it. The sun had vanished in an instant the day that she had boarded the “Ark” as they called it with her husband, Japheth, and a cold grayness had overtaken the Earth. That’s when the water started falling. Mila had climbed to the top of the Ark and watched the waters wash away her home, her trees, her garden, her entire world. She still heard the tortured screams of her neighbors as the water began to reach their rooftops. Some had even pounded on the sides of the ark, begging to be let inside. As the rain grew louder, the voices faded away. Soon rain was all Mila could hear.

                Her eyes bounced over to her father-in-law who was seated in a chair which he had nailed to the floor on the highest deck of the Ark. There was a gap, around two feet wide which stretched all around the boat to allow air to circulate inside and out. Mila’s family had built the ark equipped with a wide ledge that stretched over the gap to prevent water from blowing inside. Although no rain could enter, the air that poured inside was cold and damp, a scent that Mila had come to associate with death. After she had fed the animals in her row, Mila made her way up to the top deck. Her father-in-law was an old man, wise in his years. He sat in a stillness and watched the rain. Noah wasn’t always like this- before they had begun construction on the Ark, he was a different man, happier. Now Noah mostly sat in silence, rarely joining the family for meals and barely saying anything. His face was hard and his eyes were deep. He hardly even noticed Mila as she leaned on a railing beside him, following his gaze to the ferocious downpour outside.

                “We must be higher than the mountaintops by now…” she commented softly. Noah didn’t say anything but merely turned his gaze to his daughter-in-law and then back to the storm.

                “How did we get to this?” Mila asked rather boldly. It was a question to which she had received no good answer. Japheth had told her that they were doing what the Lord, the God of their fathers had told them to do. But he had struggled with the “why” factor himself. Why were the misdeeds of mankind so hideous that they warranted the destruction of the land? Mila pondered these things when the voice of her Father-in Law broke the silence.

                “His name is Lucifer” Noah said dryly as he scrapped some mud on the floor with his stick. “He comes from the Heavenly Places but he’s no angel. No, he’s something far worse.”

                “What is he?” Mila asked hoping to keep the conversation going. Noah looked out into the storm of dark water. “He’s the source of all this…the architect of a world gone wrong” he answered gravely. Noah was slow in his words, but as the killing rain pounded endlessly throughout the night, he began telling Mila the story of the dark times that had come since Eden.

Over a thousand and a half years had passed since The White Light first appeared over the formless deep of Earth and called mankind into existence out of the endless nothingness. Humanity had initially walked with the light but then chose to abandon that which had forged it out of dust and had listened to a beckoning whisper in the darkness.

The Earth saw its darkest days in the millennium and a half that followed those paradise days in the Garden with God. The descendants of Adam and Eve were born with the inherent knowledge of good and evil already etched on their hearts, something passed down to them by their parents. The Devil plagued these early humans, assigning demons to them at birth whose sole purpose was to be an ever-present voice in their head, nudging them closer and closer towards the darkness. The demonic influence over the humans was considerable as humanity was now a species who resided in a very distant broken relationship with the Light. Demons found all manner of avenues in which to assault their human prey. Wielding jealousy as a weapon, demons convinced Adam’s first-born son, Cain, to lure his younger brother Able out into a field and crush his head with a rock. These malevolent spirits fell to the earth laughing wickedly as they watched Able slump over, fresh warm blood running from his skull and eyes and into the soil. The fear that instantly flooded Cain’s eyes fueled them! This moment marked an incredible victory for them. Convincing a human to spill human blood was to be their ultimate goal. But as the lifeblood of Able mixed with the dust from which humans had been made, an ear-piercing scream pulsed through the field, bubbling underneath the dirt, breaking it loose from the earth and stirring it up just as a great whirlwind may have done. The sun vanished and the dark clouds parted. The demon’s smiles froze on their hideous faces and they simultaneously jammed their claws into the field reaching to Sheol for power to flee, but the darkness did not answer their call, almost seeming to hide itself. The wicked spirits lay helplessly on the ground, unable to move.

White light burst through the clouds and illuminated the field. Cain scrambled to his feet and ran for the tree line as fast as he could. Everything about his world seemed wrong now, like a bad dream that he wished he could wake up from. Accusing thoughts pelleted Cain’s mind. Voices that had been reassuring and encouraging to him before he had murdered his brother now turned on him venomously.

Gasping in fear, Cain skidded to a stop. White Light shot out from within the trees, nearly blinding him.

“Where is your brother? Where is Able?” a voice called from the woods.

Cain dropped to his knees in the soft earth panting for air. “I don’t know where he is…” Cain whispered. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

“What have you done?” the voice demanded “Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground! “Did I not warn you that the Devil is always crouching at your door, eager to consume you? Now you are cursed and banished from the ground, which has swallowed your brother’s blood. No longer will the ground yield good crops for you, no matter how hard you work! From now on you will be a homeless wanderer on the earth.”

The banishment of Cain from the King’s presence and the murder of Able marked a great victory for the Devil’s angels. While Cain’s banishment was physical and not spiritual, the demons still considered this a milestone in their war against humanity. What could be more of an abomination that to successfully entice one of God’s beloved clay men to spill the life blood of another?

Based upon Genesis Chapters 4-7

The Bible Unpacked

Copyright © 2021 by Jeremiah Ryan

All rights reserved. No part of this writing may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission from the author.

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  1. Very well written! If only the world would understand how the enemy of our souls has played us from the very beginning.


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