The Bible Unpacked

The Bible Unpacked- A Cinematic Journey throughout Humanities Greatest Stories

The Bible is without a doubt the most influential text ever written. The words and wisdom contained within its pages have started wars, crafted nations, built religions, and changed lives. However, much the Bible is written in an almost compressed format which makes it a hard read to the causal page tuner. In my mind, I picture the Bible as a zip file. Inside lies tales of creation and destruction, of monsters and giants, of kings and their empires, and of a Creator who pursues humanity with an undying love. All of these incredible stories are told in an informative writing style, which if you’re not a historian, can be a bit of a drag. I love history, but I’m a details guy. Tell me, what was the weather like when Lucifer led his rebellion against God untold millenniums ago? What emotions where swirling around in Adam and Eve’s head after they tasted the forbidden fruit? What did it feel like to be the only humans in an empty world?

The Bible Unpacked will be a cinematic journey throughout the Bible where we will re-visit its most memorable moments in chronological order, but presented in crisp details as if you were actually there! My goal is to deliver all the history to you, but in a fun and engaging way. I’m planning on releasing new episodes once per week, so check back often to continue our journey. I’ll make sure to note what book/chapter we are in at the bottom of each post so that we can keep track. I’m excited about this series and I invite you to embark on this incredible adventure with me as we journey throughout the greatest stories ever told.

Latest Posts

The Bible Unpacked Episode 14- A World Gone Wrong

Thunder pounded throughout the skies vibrating down throughout the cypress wood vessel that tossed about on an infinite sea. Water poured from the Heavens relentlessly in mighty torrents as it had for the past two weeks. Mila, a young woman, stroked the main of a large horse she was feeding grain, running her fingers though… Continue Reading →

The Bible Unpacked Episode 13- Declaration of War PT 2

“What is this I have stumbled upon, Darius?” the Devil snorted, small spurts of fire protruding from his nostrils. Darius, a prince, and a mighty demonic warrior who had held his own against the Great Michael, the leader of Heaven’s arc angels during the purge, bowed his head in submission to his king.                 “A… Continue Reading →


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